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Introducing Rootastes’ Summer Menu

Introducing Rootastes’ Summer Menu

Meet our new lunch menu, designed to help you feel energized while working this season!

For anyone new here, Rootastes is an innovative workplace lunch service providing healthful, globally-inspired meals to corporate offices in Greater Boston. We take care of everything, delivering a satisfying and delightful lunch experience straight to your office. This summer, we are introducing our new lunch menu. Before checking it out, we’d like to share the belief and roots behind our food.

Seasonal Menu:

Our popular “Heart of the Roots” section includes a variety of hearty and delicious sides. We change Heart of the Roots every season based on which ingredients are locally available that time of year. This ensures you receive fresh ingredients that support local farmers.

Build-Your-Own Bowl:

Who doesn’t like a customized meal? That’s why we have Build-Your-Own-Bowl, where you can mix and match your favorite ingredients into a satisfying lunch. Start by choosing your base, then pick your protein, select a tasty sauce, and finish with a Heart of the Roots side, all blended into a freshly prepared dish and delivered straight to your office.

Locally Sourced:

Although the menu is globally-inspired, we try to source our ingredients from local farms as often as we can. We believe that using ingredients from local farms delivers a fresher and tastier meal for customers due to the reduced time between harvesting and reaching your plate. It also helps support our local economy.

Produce used at Rootastes is sourced from a high quality supplier, BaldorFood, who buys produce directly from local farms. If you want to learn more about why locally-sourced food is a way to go, check out Why Locally Grown Food Tastes Better and Is Better For You.

Globally Inspired:

Because lunch is when you get to take a break from work and refill your energy mid-day, we want to serve you lunch that delivers and satisfies. Lunch should not be limited to sandwiches, pizza, or salad. At Rootastes, we craft each dish to include a variety of veggies from around the world so you can taste diversified from our Sesame Spinach, Corn Edamame Elote, to our Umami Mushroom. We also offer a variety of globally inspired homemade sauces. Mix it up between Ginger Teriyaki, Thai Sweet Chili, and Peanut Sauce, and more.

We Feed You, Please Feed(us)back:

Although still a young company, we strive to continuously improve our food and service to our customers. We welcome feedback from you, be it about our lunches or service. Your thoughts are important in order for us to improve our dishes and serve you better!

Interested in trying Rootastes?

We’d love to learn about your organization and explore if Rootastes is a good fit. Not sure how it will turn out for your company? No worries. We offer free samples and meal options based on your company's preferences- and to fit your budget!

Check out our summer menu here.

Meet Rootasters:

Bee is a food and environmental lover currently living in Boston. While studying in Boston, she discovered her passion in developing a healthy lifestyle: a balance of diet, exercise, and mind&body rest. She loves cooking, running, and traveling around scenic and natural sites.


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