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RootastExperience: Jug Vajarodaya (Parkloco)

RootastExperience: Jug Vajarodaya (Parkloco)

The root of what we do is summarized with Eat. Real. Food. It’s our slogan and our way of life. From sourcing local ingredients from local farms to delivering them to our clients, we’ve created quite the list of partners. These are their stories.

Parkloco takes the crazy out of parking analytics. Their software provides easy to understand analytic-based data that drives revenue and increases management for parking garages in Boston, Providence, and Philadelphia. We take the crazy out of Parkloco’s lunches.

Jug Vajarodaya is the COO of Parkloco. Originally from Thailand, she co-founded Parkloco and loves food. “I’m absolutely crazy about healthy eating,” Jug revealed, “but also tasting food.” Jug leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing and waterskiing. “I love just being outdoors,” Jug noted.

Running a busy tech company, it’s not always easy to find a healthy lunch, never mind one that also tastes good. Jug found a solution with the Rootastes model.

“I like the combinations Rootastes puts together, especially the leafy greens they use,” Jug explained.

Along with her lunches, Jug explains, “My Rootastes experience is really good. The people are really nice and really friendly. I love the team.”

If Jug were to describe her Rootastes experience with one word, it would be “healthy.”

“It’s really fresh; you can tell it’s organic,” she noted.

Article by: Meg Brown / Images by: Raddao Samphaoyon

Meg is a dreamer, entrepreneur, and homesteader based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She loves her cats, feasting, and road trips in her green VW Bug. 


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