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You’ll Want to Bundle Up With Our Rootastes’ French Classics Winter Menu

You’ll Want to Bundle Up With Our Rootastes’ French Classics Winter Menu

The fall season has come and gone like a tornado of color, bringing beauty to the trees and a chill to the air. Now that winter is settling it, our Rootastes Winter Menu is inspired by classical French flavors to bundle you up on the coldest of days.

Imagine being surrounded by Mont Blanc, a snow covered village in the French Alps. The snow is sparkling and pristine- heavenly. You admire the winter wonderland around you and begin planning days of snowy activities spent with family and friends.

Accenting the fluffy snow are hints of burgundy and green on the tips of white-blanketed trees. Although you feel the brisk chill of the air, you know you will soon be warming up with delicious French classics displayed on a rustic table. You pause and are engulfed in the fragrance of wood burning fires, fresh bread baking in the boulangerie, and a flurry of herbs such as tarragon, lavender, dill, thyme, rosemary, and more.

While this world may seem thousands of miles away, we’re bringing Mont Blanc to you with our winter menu! This season we’re focusing on the warming flavors of classical French cuisine inspired by tradition, culture, and of course, health. With an emphasis on flavor, we first dive into our main course, Poulet de Provençe our signature slow-roasted chicken in our homemade fragrant rub of traditional French herbs de Provençe and zest of lemon.

Cooking techniques for our winter menu include braising, utilizing warm, thicker sauces, and inspiration from classical French dishes such as Beef (bouf in French!) Bourguignon: True French comfort food for the chilliest winter days. This slow stewed recipe blends meltingly tender beef with winter root vegetables, mushrooms, and a delicious red wine base.

Our Heart of the Roots sides have also undergone a French infusion. We’re excited to debut our Ratatouille, a French vegetable stew; Gemme Cachée, a blend of carrot, kale, apple, and apple cider vinaigrette topped with dried cranberry; and our Salad Française. Sip on our Rose Lemon Infused Water and you’ll feel like you’re in France!

While the savory ingredients of French cuisine may sound heavy, the French diet is actually quite healthy when consumed in a French state of mind. Key health and wellness points of the French include:

  • Portion control
  • Quality over quantity of ingredients
  • Savoring the flavor
  • Enjoying your vin (that’s wine!)
  • Doing what you love
  • Snacking smart
  • Eating with others
  • Being mindful: Eating is a cultured task not a race
  • Sourcing ingredients everyday at local markets, enjoying a walk on the way.

Here at Rootastes, we strive to source quality ingredients as locally as possible. Our meals are prepared fresh daily and delivered right to your office in pre-portioned containers.

So enjoy our French Classics Winter Menu with your co-workers and savor the flavors of these warming meals!



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