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3 Recommended Activities for Building a Strong Team

3 Recommended Activities for Building a Strong Team

Building a strong team is about more than whom you hire. Team building is about planning fun ways for your team to strengthen their ability to work together, engagement in the work place, and feelings of appreciation.

Check out our three recommended activities for building a strong team.

Plan FUN teambuilding activities

Keyword being “fun.” There’s nothing worse than making an employee feel like you’re wasting their time. Instead, schedule fun activities that indirectly enhance teambuilding skills, such as going to an escape room, setting up an in-office game show like “Family Feud,” or starting a kickball league.

A Gallup study revealed that close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%, which can make employees more engaged at work. And companies with engaged employees consistently outperform competitors when it comes to profit, productivity, and turnover.

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Share a team meal

And we don’t mean a working lunch. When your team enjoys a meal together they build camaraderie and develop deeper working relationships, thus increasing productivity.

Your team will also feel valued and appreciated, leading to greater job satisfaction and decreased employee turnover.

Schedule individual check-ins

The foundation of any relationship is trust, and trust is necessary in the workplace. Schedule frequent check-ins with your employees to make sure they have the right tools and training to get the job done, and trust that they can do it. They were hired for a reason.

If the job isn’t going how you expected, sit down and be honest with them. The same goes for a job well done. Let your employees know how happy you are with the results, thus encouraging them to keep it up. Employees who feel that you have their back and are appreciated are 66% less likely to leave their jobs.

When scheduling check-ins, be sure to give your employees your undivided attention and take your time with the meeting. One-on-one is best as employees may not be able to speak as freely in a group meeting.

Team building doesn’t have to be trust falls and Kumbaya music sessions. Try any of these three activities to organically build your team- without wasting anyone’s time.

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