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3 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Office

3 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Office

Decking the office halls is a favorite way to add festivities around the holidays. Some companies go all out while others choose to keep it simple. We’re sharing a few ideas that will help you do both!


Employee Stockings

There’s nothing like seeing your name on a stocking. If you have a smaller office, hang stocking with each employee’s name in one location (serious bonus points if you have a fireplace), or if you’re a large corporation, have each employee hang their stocking outside of their office door.

Cubicle Contest

Is your office a sea of cubicles? Invite your employees to unleash their spirit by hosting a cubicle-decorating contest. The winner will receive Christmas glory and you’ll have a festive office without spending funds.

Company-Themed Christmas Tree

Instead of decorating a Christmas tree in traditional fashion, opt to hang ornaments reflective of what your company does. Do you design software? Use CDs, floppy disks, and keyboards as ornaments. Have fun with it and ask your employees for their input.

May your office be merry and bright!

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