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5 Ways to Build Positive Company Culture Through Food

5 Ways to Build Positive Company Culture Through Food

We believe that the quickest way to an employee’s heart is through food, and that shared meals together strengthen a team, building positive company culture. Check out the following ways you can build a positive company culture through food.

Stock the break room with healthy snacks.

Healthy snacks provide your employees the boost they need to maintain energy and focus at work, but snacks at work also lead to the same results as the water-cooler effect.

Back when water coolers were all the rage, employees were often found socializing around them. These interactions lead to positive company culture and stronger work relationships.

Snacks tend to draw a wider audience, so stock the break room and watch how the snack effect impacts your office.

Enjoy lunch over meetings

When employees know they’re going to enjoy a delicious lunch during a meeting, they automatically enter in a good mood and are less likely to be distracted by email and cell phones. Check out our guide on how to plan a successful meeting with lunch.

Celebrate birthdays with lunch- and dessert!

Forget the store bought birthday cake, order department or office-wide lunch. If corporate lunch catering is already the norm in your office, ask if the caterer offers healthy dessert options. Your employees won’t experience a sugar crash and they’ll be more productive throughout the afternoon.

Collect canned goods for local soup kitchens

Donating canned goods to local soup kitchens and those in need unites your employees and gives them purpose. Take your company’s altruism to the next level by offering volunteer opportunities for employees. According to a recent survey, 89% of working Americans believe that companies that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment than those that do not.

Treat lunch as a benefit

More companies are offering corporate lunch catering everyday as an additional benefit for employees. Along with a healthier workforce and boosted productivity, offering your employees a healthy lunch option boosts morale and encourages collaboration.

Think about it: If everyone enjoys lunch at the same time, employees are likely to socialize and talk with other employees who may not be in their department. Stronger inter-department relationships lead to efficiency and better collaboration.

Don’t believe daily corporate lunch catering is worth it? Read five ways you earn when you spend on office lunch delivery.

Building a positive company culture is easily achieved through food. Give any of these ideas a try and watch how your company culture shifts.

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