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3 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Too Much Time On

3 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Too Much Time On

Have you ever left work with a sense of pride at all you accomplished, only to realize you actually didn’t get that much done? It’s amazing how little, unimportant things dominate our days, zapping our productivity and leaving less time for what matters.

We’re all about focusing on what’s important, so we’re sharing three things you shouldn’t spend too much time on- and how to still get those little things done.

Searching for supplies, papers, and files.

Americans spend 2.5 days per year searching for lost items. That wasted time could be better spent crossing something important off our to-do lists or going to a concert.

To get that time back on our side, organize your desk.  Stay on top of filing- whether paper or digital- find a tidy spot for everything, and ditch anything you don’t need. Need more tips? Click here.

Finding a healthy lunch.

By the time lunch hour hits the clock it’s easy to ignore our stomachs and reach for the quickest meal available- or skip lunch altogether. While we may think a quick lunch or no lunch at all will keep us productive, we’re actually far from the truth.

Consuming a healthy lunch has been proven to boost productivity in the afternoon, but it sure can be time consuming trying to find one. Instead of hunting down a restaurant or take-out joint with a healthy offering, find a corporate lunch caterer. You’ll have many nutritious meals to choose from without having to leave the office.

Little tasks.

While we may feel instant gratification when replying to emails or scheduling meetings, we’re actually killing our productivity. Delegate simple tasks to an associate staff member and plan your day- including checking emails- according to time chunks.

So get organized, delegate, and plan your day for a workday where you actually get the important things done.

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