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3 Tips to Improve Employees’ Wellness

3 Tips to Improve Employees’ Wellness

Wellness programs are more than just employee benefits. Healthy employees improve the bottom line of your organization.

Poor health, according to Forbes, costs the U.S. government about $576 billion annually in terms of sick days and lost productivity.

Workplace wellness programs enhance the health behaviors of employees. Wellness programs for employees aim to educate, motivate, and build skills, leading to reduced health risks, improved performance, and reduced costs of healthcare.

Wellness programs also increase productivity and prevent loss of productive time through sick days. Anything from office food deliveries to an increase in worker movements to healthy business lunch catering can enhance productivity.

Employers can also improve job satisfaction rates through wellness programs for workers. When employees are satisfied with their jobs, their turnover reduces.

Replacing workers can cost up to 1.5 times their salaries. Job satisfaction retains workers, in turn promoting the success of your business. Research shows that you can boost employees’ job satisfaction by up to 67% by making a few simple changes.


Increase Awareness About Wellness

The general mental, physical, environmental, and social health of individuals affect everything they do. Your employees are more likely to interact with their work environment when they are happy and healthy. Otherwise, they will be less motivated, more pessimistic, and less engaged.

Happiness is directly linked to job outcomes. When your employees are happy, they retain their jobs longer, offer better service to customers, and become more productive. Moreover, employees with good physical health are less likely to miss work.

Wellness programs offered at workplaces can improve the health and happiness of workers. Participating in such programs encourages proactive healthcare and reduces related costs for employers.

However, most wellness programs are underused because most workers know little or nothing about them. Therefore, creating awareness of your company-provided wellness programs ensures that your workers know they exist and understand how they work.

The takeaway here is to promote wellness programs among your employees to increase participation and engagement.

Develop a Wellness Culture in Your Organization

Improve the well-being of your employees both on the job and off, ensuring that they reach their full potential. Work on creating a culture of wellness in your company.

You can do a few things to ensure your organization develops a sound culture that allows employees to participate in wellness programs for the long term.

Thus, wellness programs benefit both employers and employees. Below are three ways to enhance wellness programs for your workers.

Hire a Wellness Professional for One-on-One Coaching

First, you can offer personal coaching on wellness because it feels and looks different for every individual. Whereas some workers prefer to start their day with meditation, others enjoy physical activities such as jogging, running, or yoga.

A health and wellness coach can help your employees choose the most suitable fitness activities, set SMART goals, monitor their progress, and hold them accountable for their actions. Instead of hiring a wellness coach, you could train one of your HR team members to provide the optional support.


Educate New Employees About Wellness During Onboarding

Second, integrate wellness into your company’s onboarding process. Make new employees aware of the importance of wellness in your company. Show them you care about their well-being when introducing them to your company benefits.

When you show your workers that you care about their welfare, research shows that they will work longer in your company (for at least 3 years). They also feel less burnout and little to no stress and are more likely to be engaged at work.

Schedule an in-person coaching session during the first week of onboarding and teach your new employees the importance of wellness. They will feel supported and give their well-being more careful thought from the outset.

Motivate or Encourage Your Workers to Take Part in Wellness Programs

Third, motivate your workers using activities that build culture. Your employees need the proper motivation to dedicate themselves to personal wellness. Let each worker understand the importance of wellness and its role in your organization.

You should also encourage them to appreciate even small achievements and volunteer as ambassadors of wellness. Organize competitions to inspire wellness and motivate your workers, prompting health-related discussions while creating a supportive work culture.

Unlock the Greatness of Each Worker

Apart from benefits, you can inspire your workers and support them in their quest for personal health. A culture of wellness ensures that your workers are happier, more engaged, and more productive at work.

This can support your employees’ mental and physical well-being, both in their professional and personal lives, ultimately boosting the performance of your business.

Another thing you can do is hire a reputable local restaurant to offer customizable lunches based on dietary restrictions, individual orders, and personal dietary needs. Providing office lunch prevents food waste, allows each employee to order their own lunch, and improves the wellness of your workers.

Contact us today to learn more about employee wellness programs, including office lunch delivery, and how they can benefit your workers for a happier and healthier life.


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