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6 Tips to Celebrate Diversity in Your Office

6 Tips to Celebrate Diversity in Your Office

Diversity in the workplace improves your company's competitiveness and spurs innovation. By building inherent and acquired diversity, firms are 45% more likely to see a growth in market shares. The company is also 70% more likely to gain ground with market shares.

Embracing and respecting the diverse nature of employees, especially minority groups, positions the company for success. How can you celebrate diversity? Below are six ways to celebrate diversity in the office.


A Multi-Cultural Calendar

Learning about other cultures is fascinating. While religion has no bearing on the employee's work ethic, it may be necessary for understanding cultural differences.

For example, Hindu people celebrate Diwali as the start of their new year, and Muslim people fast during the month of Ramadan. Each has its dietary requirements during these times. Their religion may also include fasting days and avoiding certain foods.

Keeping a multi-cultural calendar can help businesses to prepare for different celebrations properly. In addition, firms can show their support by allowing employees time off when there is a memorable holiday. 

It can also be fun to get the entire staff into the spirit of things. Take Diwali, for instance. The festival of lights is a celebration. Employees who don't celebrate it may borrow a culturally appropriate outfit to wear to work as a fun exercise.

Firms might even consider having a Heritage Day. On this day, the staff members could dress as they traditionally would. They might also swap their individually packaged meals, individual lunch boxes, or regular packaged meals for a potluck dinner.

Diversity Training

Misconceptions about certain cultures may prove divisive. New employees may be unaware of how to treat people from culturally diverse backgrounds. An inadvertent, perfectly innocent comment may offend.

In such cases, it's not that the commenter intended to be offensive, but rather that they didn't know any better. Diversity training goes a long way to avoiding these mishaps.

Many firms today incorporate diversity training during the onboarding process. It may prove helpful also to have reminder sessions a few times a year.

Companies may take this a step further by having a multi-cultural notice board at work. Staff may use this board to share interesting facts about their traditions. A simple step like this shows minorities groups that you care about them as well.

It also gives their colleagues the chance to learn more about the traditions they follow. You might also encourage staff members to post questions they have on the board. The board may also serve as an ice breaker, teaching your staff how to ask questions respectfully.

Promotional Opportunities

It's essential to ensure that all of your employees have fair access to promotional opportunities. Companies may invest in the education of their staff to help them take full advantage of such opportunities.

Improve Company Culture

Building a respectful company culture is essential to success. Firms that succeed in this can create a spirit of teamwork and cooperation naturally. The corporate culture should reflect the core values of the business and enforce them.

Bullying of the staff on any basis, for example, is unacceptable. Management must set an example here and appropriately deal with disrespectful employees.


Office Lunch Diversity

Providing employees with individually packaged meals, individual lunch box meals, or buffet-style food is an excellent step. With prepackaged meals from Rootastes, you can provide healthy and culturally appropriate meals for each employee. In addition, you may choose fresh-cooked, ready-to-eat variety meals that allow for different dietary requirements.

We send out individually packed lunch boxes from a wide selection of seasonal healthy and savory menus. This process ensures that there's no cross-contamination of ingredients. All you need to do is to check your employees' preferences before ordering.

Encourage Communication

Companies may not discriminate against employees for religious reasons. To create a more open atmosphere, it may prove helpful to encourage open discussions, however. In addition, employees should be able to communicate their expectations and disappointments freely.

Each staff member should learn that they can speak openly if someone offends. By respectfully pointing out the error, they can educate their colleagues and avoid further issues.

On days where you don't have free individual packaged meals, individual lunch box potlucks provide insight into different cultures. Employees may bring in food that features their culture or religion, and everyone gets a chance to communicate and share socially.

Build Cultural Diversity

Show your staff that you appreciate their traditions by ordering appropriate food. Sharing a meal is a great way to bond with other employees. Make the process as simple as possible with individually packaged meals and tasty food from Rootastes.

Please take a look at our website and then contact us about your set and forget a regular company menu.


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