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3 Tips to Refresh Your Workday

3 Tips to Refresh Your Workday

You work hard. Even when there’s so much to do, however, it’s easy to find ourselves in a slump. Cue 2 p.m. sleepiness.

When you’re feeling dull, refresh! Check out these three tips to refresh your workday that lead to quick and lasting results.

Organize your desk

Did you know that the average American spends 2.5 days per year looking for lost items? If you’re a millennial, you’re twice as likely than a baby boomer to lose something. Furthermore, you’re likely to feel frustrated trying to find things you need NOW.

Organizing your desk not only boosts productivity, it leads to a tidy mind and feelings of lightness and freedom. Seriously!

Need tips on how to get started? Click here.

Enjoy a healthy lunch

Not only does eating a healthy lunch refresh your body, it refreshes your workday. When we eat a healthy meal for lunch we are 150% more productive throughout the afternoon, and definitely not distracted by our growling stomachs.

Bonus points if you actually take a lunch break. Need incentive? Check out 7 Things To Try On Your Lunch Break.

Do desk yoga

If you work in an office, your muscles are likely to be tight. Even if you exercise regularly, stretching and moving throughout the day is essential for maintaining long, lean, and flexible muscles.

If you don’t have a lot of space to stretch, try desk yoga. Even a couple minutes of stretching makes a difference.

Get ready, get set, and hit that refresh button!

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