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5 Elements Millennial Employees Crave in Office Design

5 Elements Millennial Employees Crave in Office Design

By next year, millennials will account for more than half the workplace. And as this generation would rather take a pay cut in favor of additional benefits, it’s important to pay attention to their wants.

Other than benefits such as flexible schedules and student loan forgiveness, millennials are a creative, technologically savvy bunch who are looking for an office environment that keeps them inspired and engaged. Not sure how to make that happen? Check out these five elements millennial employees crave in office design.


Greenery is all the rage these days, but beyond the trend, plants filter toxins in the air, leading to less stress and improved focus.

Not only that, plants reduce noise levels in the office, control humidity, and their green shade leads to feelings of well-being and relaxation.

Wellness Focus

Millennials are quite health conscious, but there are more ways to incorporate wellness in your office besides investing in an on-site gym (though that is a huge benefit to both your company and employees).

Incorporate increased movement in the day through ergonomic office equipment like standing desks and offer free fitness classes in a large conference room.

Stock your break room with healthier snacks and offer a nutritious free office lunch. The latter will actually make you money!


With growing concern about the environment, millennials strive to be eco friendly with 90% of them preferring to purchase from a brand whose social and environmental practices are inline with their beliefs.

Along with starting a recycling program in your office, stocking your bathrooms with recycled paper products, using green cleaning products, switching to LED light bulbs, and installing smart technology that reduces waste (such as water and electricity) are a few ways to go green without sending your budget in the red.


Millennials grew up with technology and are very adept at using it. But beyond computers and operating systems, technology also includes software and cloud-based systems. Does your team use a cloud-based project management software? Is your teleconferencing system 21st century approved? Are there any processes in your business that technology can automate?

If you’re stuck on where to start or how to improve, consider starting a technology committee that stays current on trends and can offer recommendations on how your company can improve.


Millennials appreciate variety in their workspace. Gone are the days of sitting at a desk all day, the new style of office is to have numerous spaces for employees to choose from, such as cozy nooks, outdoor seating, and fun furniture.

But does variety lead to greater output?

Yes! Stepping out of your routine refreshes your outlook, leading to increased focus and memory along with a boost in creativity.

Millennials are now the majority. Is your office meeting their needs?

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