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5 Tips to Build a Healthy Team

5 Tips to Build a Healthy Team

A healthy team is not only good for your employees; it’s good for your bottom line. Building one doesn’t have to be a challenge, so we’re sharing 5 tips to help you get started on building your own healthy work team.

Stand up

Sitting too long is becoming a health hazard on the obesity front as well as increasing blood pressure and cholesterol, and increasing the risk of death from a cardiovascular disorder.

Investing in standing desks for your employees reduces the risks of developing these non-communicable diseases, and can improve mood and energy levels, alleviate back pain, and more.

Offer lunch

When employees enjoy a healthy lunch, their productivity skyrockets. Their risk of developing a non-communicable disease also decreases.

Researchers are finding that what we eat can affect our risk of developing such diseases as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Offering corporate catered lunch ensures your employees enjoy a nutritious meal, keeping them productive and healthy.

Get moving

You don’t need an on-site gym to get your employees moving, or even bring in a fitness instructor. Simply take a team walk around the interior or exterior of your building, or encourage your employees to workercise, that is, stretch and move at their workstations.

Fitness meetings can also encourage movement at and beyond work. Schedule regular times that employees can share their progress towards fitness goals and make achieving them a team effort. Studies show that social support help individuals lose weight and keep it off better.


You read that right. All colors elicit certain feelings and responses, especially room colors. The best color combinations for a healthy setting are both cool and warm tones. Cool tones are calming, but to keep your space from feeling too cool, incorporate warm toned furniture or accent walls. Wood tones and beiges work if you don’t want your office to look like a rainbow.

Colors to avoid include highly saturated yellows and reds, which make people feel anxious.

Looking for bonus points? Replace desk chairs with ergonomic options.

Build purpose

When we work with purpose, we’re much more invested in what we’re doing and likely to stick with it. Having purpose leads to better work and decreased employee turnover, but unfortunately, only 30% of employees identify with their company’s purpose.

The best way to build purpose is to ask why you’re company is doing what it’s doing, on a philanthropic level. Make sure your purpose is reflected in your mission statement and post it throughout your office.

It’s not only important to establish your purpose, however, you have to live it. Just 25% of employees feel that their leaders set an example of living their company’s purpose. It’s important to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Building a healthy team is an essential part in building a healthy company. Start small and watch your company transform.


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