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How a Happy Workplace = A Happier You

How a Happy Workplace = A Happier You

If you hate Mondays more than most, it could be a sign that your workplace is not a happy one. According to the American Psychological Association, 65% of people note that work is a top source of their stress, and only 36% believed their workplace had adequate support systems to handle that.

Stress leads to depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and a slew of other issues. Happiness, on the other hand, leads to a better immune system, higher earnings, and even a boost in creativity.

A study of 10,000 people from 48 countries revealed that people rate happiness as “being more important than any other highly desirable personal outcomes, such as having meaning in life, becoming rich, and getting into heaven.”

If we all know happiness is important, why is it that only 47.7% of us happy at work?

Researchers have found that layoffs worry employees the most while interest in work leads to the greatest happiness. But how can we increase happiness at work beyond these two factors?

Invest in growth

Opportunity for growth leads to greater job satisfaction and the feeling that your employer cares about you. Offering seminars and training not only benefits employees, it leads to more quality work and less employee turnover.

Work-life balance

With the increasing presence of technology, we’re always accessible by employers, clients, and anyone who needs us. This is blurring the line between life and work, making it more challenging for employees to disconnect and enjoy their personal lives.

Allowing employees flexibility in their scheduling and even opportunities to work from home leads to greater happiness and increased productivity.

Listen to employees

It can be hard for employees to come forward with problems and challenges. If they do, listen. Not acting on employee input leads to serious problems in morale, so be sure to let them know their feelings and opinions are valued and provide a clear outline of how you plan to alleviate the problem.

Taking it one step further, have clear systems in place that allow employees to communicate freely amongst themselves and with you.

Happiness doesn’t have to be a never-ending pursuit. Even making a few simple changes in the workplace can lead to dramatic results in overall happiness.

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