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5 Ways to Maintain a Killer Company Culture

5 Ways to Maintain a Killer Company Culture

Company culture is the characteristics of your office work environment and is essential to strengthening a team, retaining employees, and boosting productivity. Google nails their company culture and has been on the top of the Fortune’s Best Companies to Work for list for six years straight (and counting).

It’s no secret that Google headquarters has slides, but other companies have super fun offices as well. Airbnb’s office has destination-inspired workspaces (seriously, check them out), and HBO’s office is full of cozy spaces conducive to socialization and collaboration amongst employees.

While traditional office culture may balk at these hip new spaces, each of these companies listed are dominating in their field. You don’t have to implement their exotic practices to build company culture, though; it’s actually simpler than you’d think.

Adhere to your brand

Branding sells products. It’s what your company stands for. Branding improves recognition, creates trust, and inspires employees. They’re more likely to put in their best effort when they have something to work towards, so be sure your company culture reflects what’s stated on your mission statement.

Not only that, but 94% of job seekers are likely to apply for a job if the company actively manages their brand as an employer online.

Provide benefits employees really want

Did you know that more employees would prefer new or additional benefits over a pay raise?  Top requests include flexible schedules as well as career and personal development. (Read more here.)

Benefits help employees feel valued and allow them to have better work-life balance.

Be honest

Companies who say they do one thing yet cut corners behind the scenes are held accountable to more than their customers. Nearly one in three employees don’t trust their employer, meaning they’re less likely to say nice things about the company.

Not only does this tarnish your brand (see #1), disgruntled employees are less productive. Stick to your mission statement and keep employees in the know with meetings and emails- especially if there are rumors flying about your company.

Allow room for improvement

According to a recent report, employees are more loyal to their companies when they receive training and resources to develop their careers. At your next employee review, be sure to outline ways they can improve their skills and grow. If they’re looking for a promotion within the next few years, suggest specific training or projects they should take on to prove they’re capable.

Make lunch a requirement

We don’t mean a working lunch. When employees take a break and enjoy a healthy meal, they’re up to 150% more productive in the afternoon.

Ensure your employees take a lunch break by considering it mandatory.  The best way to be sure they’re consuming nutrients is to offer corporate lunch catering, which can gain you $3 in productivity for every $1 spent.

Still not convinced? Read our post on how free lunch exists-and pays. There’s more than one way to boost company culture, the secret is to value your employees as assets and treat them as such. Office slides don’t hurt either.



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