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Say Goodbye to Sad Desk Lunches

Say Goodbye to Sad Desk Lunches

We know how it is. You’re in the middle of a project that your boss would like by the end of the day and you decide to work through lunch. You’re part of the 39% of employees who eat lunch their desks and if you’re a lunch skipper, you’re in the company of 42% of employees who seldom or never take lunch.

Why Sad Desk Lunches are sad for productivity

While we applaud your efforts, you may not realize that skipping lunch is actually counterproductive. In fact, while you think working more hours leads to more productivity, taking a lunch break is actually a productivity booster.

Why is that? Not only do lunch breaks allow your brain to disconnect and relax, you’re fueling it. Employees who enjoy a healthy meal at lunch experience an increase in productivity by almost 150%.

Take your sad lunch outside to make it a happy one.

If you take your lunch outside, you earn extra points. Staying inside all day is detrimental to creative thinking, and not only that, exposure to the greenery outside has been proven to increase positive moods and perceived exertion.

So even if you prefer to eat in the office, at least take a 15-minute walk outside.

Say goodbye to Sad Desk Lunches

So you’re on board to leave your desk and actually find a decent lunch, but waiting for a meal at a restaurant eats up the time that you’re supposed to spend eating. We get it. Enter corporate catering.

Though just 18% of employers have cafeterias and only 14% provide corporate lunch catering, we’re on a mission to help those numbers rise.

Did you know that companies actually save when they offer employees free lunch? Along with increased productivity, employees who enjoy a free lunch together have increased morale, collaboration, and take fewer sick days. Furthermore, offering lunch to employees may be tax deductible.

Whether your company offers lunch or you have to bring it yourself, your sad desk lunches aren’t doing anyone any good- so take a break.

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