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5 Ways to Spread the Love in Your Workplace

5 Ways to Spread the Love in Your Workplace

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers! Spreading the love in your workplace boosts engagement, feelings of satisfaction, and contributes to a strong company culture.

Here are five ways to spread the love at your company:

Offset employee travel cost

Between gas, parking, and subway fare, the cost to get to work can add up. Consider gifting your employees a parking or subway pass, depending on how they commute.

Give them a Valentine card

We don’t mean the kind you send your kids to school with. If you’re a manager, write a note to each of your employees stating why you enjoy working with them, highlighting their strengths. If you’re not a manager, send a note of appreciation to your colleagues to brighten their day.

Order lunch

Not only will your employees love not having to worry about what to get for lunch, if you order from a corporate lunch caterer, you’re boosting the health and productivity of your office while you’re at it.

Organize a charity drive

Helping those in need builds gratitude and engagement in employees, while also spreading love within and outside of your company. Plan a Volunteer Day where employees can spend time working with a charity they love, organize a collection of canned goods for the local food shelter, or set up spare change jars that are then donated to a charity voted on by your employees. Bonus points if your company matches donations!

Encourage health

Love and caring go hand-in-hand, and by caring about your employees’ health, you are spreading the love! Offer nutrition classes at an upcoming Lunch and Learn, organize fitness classes at your workplace, or gift employees a pass to the local gym. Remember to encourage mental health as well, which is just as important as physical. Team up with a local healthcare provider to offer your employee a free session with a therapist.

Forget the flowers and candy, these gifts are more lasting.

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