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Boosting Your Company Culture | eBook

Boosting Your Company Culture | eBook

Here at Rootastes, we not only thrive on the food prepared by our talented kitchen staff, but on our outstanding company culture as well.

We believe that a stellar company culture is essential to business success, but many companies struggle to understand what company culture is and how to build one.

A stellar company culture creates a strong team, decreases employee turnover, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Because company culture is so vital, we’ve created an e-book containing everything you need to know and a guide on how to build one. Our beautifully designed e-book is separated into three easy-to-read parts that will debut monthly in Q1 of 2019:

Part 1: Understanding Company Culture

A stellar company culture builds a strong team, dedicated employees, and awesome results. How would you like to boost productivity and profit in your office? Attract and retain the best and the brightest? Improve your customer satisfaction level? This section reveals all.

Part 2: How to Build an Employee Benefits Program (including lunch!)

Did you know that more employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay raise? Popular benefits include flexible work schedules, student loan repayment, corporate lunch catering, and more.

This section covers more top employee benefits and shares tips and tricks on how to elevate your benefits program.

Part 3: How to Maintain Your Killer Company Culture

Like a sandcastle, company culture can’t be built and expected to last, it has to be nurtured frequently.

This section shares ideas on how to continuously maintain- and improve!- your company culture- without needing another team of employees to do it.

We’re so excited to share our very first e-book with you! Keep checking in for the latest section release, and stay tuned for more e-books debuting in 2019.




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