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5 Ways to Work Smarter - Not Harder

5 Ways to Work Smarter - Not Harder

The phrase “work smart, not hard” implies getting more done in a shorter span of time and with less mental exertion. Sound like a paradox? Continue reading to discover five ways you can work smarter- starting today!

Enjoy your lunch break

Step away from your desk! Taking breaks has been proven to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day, so when we opt for a “working lunch,” we’re actually limiting our ability to stay focused the rest of the day.

Taking a lunch break allows you to refresh your mind so when you do return to your desk, you’re more likely to accomplish additional tasks- and with a higher quality than had you stayed at your desk.

Want to boost the benefits? Enjoy a healthy lunch for up to a 150% spike in productivity.

Delegate and prioritize

It’s hard to let go of things. Whether we think no one else is capable to doing something to our standards, or the feeling what we’re showing weakness if we ask for help. But the purpose of having a team is to share the work, and if one employee is already responsible for a good chunk, delegating allows them to focus on what’s most important.

Once tasks have been delegated, take a look at what’s left and prioritize in order of importance. Accomplish the most pressing task first, and if anything comes up that can take less than two minutes, do it immediately.

Have tunnel vision

Humans are not meant to multitask. When we do, it takes us longer to accomplish the numerous tasks we’re working on, and our focus on each one is limited. This is because we have a confined number of thoughts and memories we can hold in our minds at a time, and when we try to force more thoughts than our brains can handle, we end up overworking them.

Commit to less time than you think you need on a task

While counterintuitive, the fact is that we perform better when we’re under pressure. The pressure causes us to focus, limit distractions (such as email) and achieve a goal in less time than we thought we could.

Be a quitter

We don’t mean give up on everything. Knowing your limits and having the ability to say no to tasks that aren’t a priority- or necessary- is essential for limiting your workload to what’s important.

Start applying these tricks to your workday and see just how much you can get done- in less time!

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