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3 Reasons Why You’re More Productive in Winter

3 Reasons Why You’re More Productive in Winter

Unless you’re prone to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), you may be wondering how you seem to get more done in less time during the winter months.

While winter is typically blamed for low productivity, we’re sharing three ways it can actually boost it.

Bad weather leaves you less distracted.

Isn’t it miserable to be stuck inside on a nice sunny day? All you can think of is swimming, picnicking, hiking and your other favorite outdoor activities.

On blustery winter days, outside is the last place you want to be.

A study in Tokyo found that when the weather is poor, employees are even more productive. The theory is that the brain isn’t distracted by thinking about all the fun you could be having outside.

You don’t want to leave the office.

Winter comes with a time-consuming ritual whenever we want to go outside. Put on the boots, zip up the puffy jacket, grab the hat, etc. Oftentimes, it makes us only want to go through the ordeal when we absolutely have to.

As a result, our workday is less likely to be interrupted by outdoor excursions, leading to increased productivity.

If your main reason for leaving the office is to pick-up lunch, try corporate lunch catering. If you opt for a company that offers healthy options, your productivity will skyrocket even higher.

More employees are onsite.

Branching off of the above, fewer employees take their vacations during the winter. Even during the holidays it’s expected that more people will be out of the office, and that time off occurs during one or two weeks.

In the summer, however, employees are coming and going throughout. That means more work for a smaller staff and a harder time doing it if you have a question and your go-to person is out of the office.

While it may seem counterintuitive, winter can actually be a more productive time. So hunker down and check off your to do list so you have even more time to enjoy the summer months.

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