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Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of August 1)

Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of August 1)

Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of August 1)

Thank you for ordering a Rootastes Farm Fresh basket! We hope you’re enjoying your fresh, locally grown produce, meats, and other Boston-based goodies.

If you’re looking for inspiration or to mix up your go-to recipes, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorites every week that can be prepared using the ingredients in that week’s basket.

This week’s recipes will work with ingredients included in August 1, 2020’s baskets.

Rootastes’ Chefs’ Curated Recipes

They say if you eat the rainbow, you’re sure to maximize the variety of nutrients in your diet. We think eating a rainbow of foods is just plain fun!

This week, rainbow carrots, bright yellow wax beans, spring green asparagus, rich red tomatoes, and more are taking center stage for meals that feel technicolor.

For a healthy meal worthy of royalty, chop up the Rainbows & Gemstones Salad (with Cherries on Top!). It calls for the Gemstone Salad Mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, and rainbow carrots, as well as feta cheese and roasted almonds for a hit of savory. And don’t forget the cherries on top!

If you’re not a fan of chard, our Paprika Rainbow Chard and Purple Potato Mashed Potatoes will give you second thoughts. This creamy recipe calls for Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, shallots, cloves, red chile flakes, paprika, and more to spice up the flavors of chard and traditional mashed potatoes. File this recipe away for Thanksgiving!

Asparagus is often a go-to crunchy side for fish, and while it tastes fine steamed and buttered, our chefs are upping the ante this week in Pan Seared Atlantic Wild Salmon with Shishito Peppers & Veggie Stir Fry. Soy sauce, sesame oil, FIVE garlic cloves, ginger, scallions, and more add to the flavor profile.

Chef Favorites

Is your counter bursting with wax beans? Cook them up in Seared Yellow Wax Beans and Arugula. The leafy green adds a hit of spice while garlic, lemon juice, shallots, thyme, and red pepper flakes step in for seasoning.

For a sweeter side, Balsamic Honey Glazed Rainbow Carrots is both gastronomically and visually appealing.

If you decide to give any of these recipes a try, let us know what you think. We’d also love to see how you’re getting crafty in the kitchen with your basket, so be sure to share your favorite recipes below.