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Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of June 6)

Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of June 6)

Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of June 6)

Thank you for ordering a Rootastes Farm Fresh basket! We hope you’re enjoying your fresh, locally grown produce, meats, and other Boston-based goodies.

If you’re looking for inspiration or to mix up your go-to recipes, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorites every week that can be prepared using the ingredients in that week’s basket.

This week’s recipes will work with ingredients included in June 6, 2020’s baskets.

Rootastes’ Chefs’ Curated Recipes

Have you tried squid ink? While it may sound like an exotic ingredient, squid ink is tasteless and is used to add a black tone to foods, like pasta. Try it in Squid Ink Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes & Baby Bellas.

Not only is the dish gorgeous- the reds of the salmon and tomatoes pop against the black pasta!- it’s a super satisfying meal. Luscious salmon is sprinkled with rosemary and garlic, then served alongside juicy tomatoes and flavorful mushrooms. Be sure to post to the ‘gram before diving in!

For a lighter lunch, both filling and color-wise,  this spring mix salad is bursting with flavor and textures. Our chefs took this staple one step further with Refreshing Spring Mix salad with White Wine Poached Pears. On top of the traditional spring mix, this recipe calls for some pears and a drizzle of white wine for a totally #extra meal!

And speaking of kale, did you check out our feature on the leafy green? There are so many ways to cook it, including crisping it into kale chips. Our chefs are sharing their favorite recipe this week, Baked Kale Crisps.

Chef Favorites

Who said turnips and potatoes are limited to the fall? This recipe tosses them with parsley and lime juice for a summer twist.

Stuffed peppers have it all. Savory beef, melty cheese, and filling rice all in a crunchy pepper shell. This recipe adds even more, like tomatoes and zucchini.

If you decide to give any of these recipes a try, let us know what you think. We’d also love to see how you’re getting crafty in the kitchen with your basket, so be sure to share your favorite recipes below.