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3 Refreshing Spring Menu Ideas

3 Refreshing Spring Menu Ideas

Spring is here and the first harvest of the year is growing riper by the day. We’re sharing three spring menu ideas utilizing a fresh combination of our five favorite ingredients to prepare you for spring.

Meyer Lemon and Asparagus Risotto with Smoked Salmon

Zingy lemon and crunchy asparagus add flavor and texture to this comforting risotto dish that’s topped with nutrient-dense salmon. End the meal with this lemon cheesecake mousse for a sweet taste of elegance.

Fiddleheads with Pasta and Ricotta

Add a pop of spring to your next pasta dish with in-season fiddleheads. This recipe adds ricotta cheese for a luscious texture and Parmesan for a bite. Quick and easy garlic Parmesan knots serve as a flavorful sidekick, and savor this apricot sorbet for a refreshing dessert.

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Honeydew Salsa

Juicy honeydew adds a fresh sweetness that’s kept in check with lime and cilantro to chicken in this satisfyingly light dinner recipe. Looking for a light dessert? Pair with honeydew sorbet that requires only three ingredients.

Spring into the kitchen and get cooking!

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