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A Secret of Rootastes’ Spring Recipe

A Secret of Rootastes’ Spring Recipe

“I’m really excited and can’t wait to share our Spring menu with everyone,” exuded Chef Faye Praparat Prapawicha, Rootastes’ executive chef, with a big smile on her face. Rootastes’ menu is not only well-known for impressive and delicious food, but also our visually appealing dishes that make you savor with your eyes. Chef Faye has lead the team to cast a magical spell in the kitchen and develop remarkable recipes for each season.

It’s been almost a year since Chef Faye joined the team, and since then she has never stop creating our amazing seasonal menus. With each new season, our customers look forward to her new savory and fresh creations. We always wonder what’s the secret behind her recipes, and in case you are looking for inspiration for a new recipe, Chef Faye has allowed us a sneak peek on her process!

Today we have Chef Faye with us to share her thoughts and inspiration for our newly launched Spring menu, as well as insights about selected seasonal ingredients with a heart to create a perfect office lunch for everyone.

Freshness = Flavorful

“I always take into consideration the freshness of every ingredient. The more fresh it is, the more flavorful it is. In addition to freshness, we have a strong desire to support local businesses, and since we have wonderful local sources, our ingredients always come with the quality and freshness that I am looking for,” revealed Chef Faye. She continued telling us the story behind her last Fall menu item, McIntosh Farfelle. This menu was a huge success as all ingredients were all fresh and locally harvested.

Chef Faye picked the apples herself at a local orchard in Massachusetts. “There are many kinds of apples, but if you’re thinking of New England, you’re going to think McIntosh, and there is nothing better than fresh McIntosh apples from the tree.” She added, “For our Spring menu, our team picks the ingredients every morning from local markets. We strive to serve the best right to your workplace.”

Tales of the recipe

Not only does precisely selecting the best ingredients from local sources make a difference but also creating the best recipes for every season with an inspiring story behind each one.

“I always get inspired by everything around me, and I do believe every single place has its own story. That’s why our globally-inspired menu always has a tale behind it,” Chef Faye grinned.

If you take a look at our Spring Menu, you can see the perfect combination of ingredients excited to be tasted. Clearly, our chef has inspiration from around the world with such dishes as Viking Stew, Moroccan Spiced Pork, and Shrimp De Parma.

“For me, Spring always represent freshness and a new beginning. When flowers start to bloom and there’s tons of newborn life around us. It’s just amazing,” Chef Faye answered when we asked how she selects her Spring ingredients. “For example, for our new premium menu item, Green Is In The Air, I chose cucumber as the main character. Refreshing cucumber for Spring- don’t you think it’s a perfect match?”

Various savory dishes

Rootastes intends to not only serve delicious food but also a variety on our menu. “You may get bored with your routine lunch, but I believe you will not feel that way with our diverse menu.  We change it seasonally and add special menu items each month. What a company!”

“This season we’re collaborating with Bauman’s Best Botanicals, a locally owned drinking vinegar producer, to create our premium menu items such as Broccoli X Marsala and Lady Marmalade. I intend to serve a healthy yet creative dish. I would love to see how our customers are enjoying our diverse dishes both visually and flavourly,” Chef Faye explained. “And for those who love sweets, Rhubarb Strawberry Tart Cup and Avocado Pudding are ready to be enjoyed as a dessert!”

At Rootastes, we also have a customized meal for people with allergies.

The team curates dishes to match customer needs and stands behind the belief that everyone deserves the best meal to refresh their energy during a long workday.

“We understand that sometimes you have to rush or fuss with a long line during your lunch break, but with us, you don’t need to deal with that. Our team serves fresh and energizing lunches right to your office,” she said with confidence. “They don’t just keep you physically healthy, but mentally as well.”

The weather is becoming a bit warmer. A flower starts to bloom. It’s a sign of a new beginning and trying something new. Let’s spring into this lively season and share refreshing vibes by bringing healthy lunch to your office with us, Rootastes!

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