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Introducing Rootastes Sessions

Introducing Rootastes Sessions

Rootastes provides fresh, globally-inspired meals to corporate offices in Boston. We believe that good food promotes health and wellness and is the cornerstone for a happier and more productive workspace. Here at Rootastes, our mission is twofold. While we serve local businesses, we also aim to make healthy eating accessible for everyone – from home cooks and amateur chefs to people like you and me.

To give back to the Rootastes community, we’ve created something fun, different, and collaborative. We’re launching our newest initiative “Rootastes Sessions,” a live cooking demo featuring the Rootastes Kitchen & Friends. Our team of chefs are excited to film and share their favorite recipes on Instagram and Facebook. Each week, we introduce you to new cooking techniques, flavors, and ingredients that are globally inspired and locally sourced. From energizing snacks and beverages to easy-to-make desserts, every dish takes less than 15 minutes to make.

Ultimately, our goal is to educate, inspire, and nourish. We’re creating a collaborative community of food lovers, a place for us to interact, share our recipes, and answer your questions. In other words, the Rootastes experience. Join us every Saturday for a new Rootastes Session! Each video and step-by-step recipe will be posted on our blog for you to watch and download at any time.

Meet the Rootastes Kitchen:

Chef New Sittikong

New, "Wachira T. Sittikong," is a third-generation chef who has been working at his family's restaurant since he was eleven. Known for his big warm smile, he brings his passion, creativity, and knowledge to the food service industry.

Chef Faye Prapa

Faye, “Praparat Prapawicha,” is a creative chef who loves traveling and eating. She fell in love with pastries at Johnson & Wales University and extended her passion into the culinary world. She enjoys yoga, snowboarding, and listening to jazz with her nephew on weekends.

Chef Nina Paveethida

Nina, “Paveethida Jittree,” is an energetic chef who grew up working in her mother’s restaurant. Cooking has always been in her blood. It's her outlet for creative self-expression and a spiritual journey in itself. Nina is extremely blessed to be able to explore food in both her personal and professional life.

Meet Rootasters:

Ashley is a food nerd, home chef, and writer from San Francisco, California. She loves traveling, cooking, learning new languages, and gorging on carbs.


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