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Help Us Bring Rootastes to the Next Level

Help Us Bring Rootastes to the Next Level

We are Rootastes, a health-focused lunch catering service. We create fresh and energizing lunch programs as a perk for the staffs of fast-growing and culture-centric companies in Greater Boston. At the root of it all, we strive to improve workplace wellness, increase employee productivity, and support community agriculture through corporate lunch consumption.

Rootastes began with an epiphany had by our co-founder, Mint. After graduating from Boston College, Mint worked in an office environment where she would eat the same lunch every. Single. Week.

Mint soon discovered that:

1. Office admins spend an average of 10 hours per week sourcing lunch for their employees. Even working with third parties adds variables such as time, taste, quality, and service.

2. Many employees have dietary restrictions such as being gluten-free or vegan and many catering services will not customize to them.

3. Corporate lunch gets boring!

Rootastes opened in early 2017 to create an exciting corporate lunch experience without compromise. We envision food that is not only authentic and tastes great; it’s also made with healthier, fresher ingredients.

At Rootastes, we believe that a great lunch can create a more positive and productive environment for employees, and deliver measurable results to a company’s bottom line- but we also strive for more.

This year we are committed to making a greater impact on our community and the world both operationally and from aspirational viewpoint.

Rootastes’ menu changes seasonally based on what’s fresh at local farms, allowing us to support them year round. Our containers are compostable and biodegradable and we work to end food waste by donating leftover fresh ingredients from our refrigerators to shelters in our community, such as Women’s Health Place on Newbury Street.

On a greater level, we are committed to having a positive impact on our customers. By sourcing local ingredients we are able to deliver fresh, savory, seasonal, and energizing lunches to more than 180 forward-thinking companies. We love what they do, and they love us back:

“The Rootastes is extremely flavorful and healthy. We also feel great after we eat their food!” –Nanigans, Emily M., Boston, MA

“Delicious, so fresh, and arrived on time and my employees are eating better!” –Nucleus Scientific, Joya N., Cambridge, MA

Furthermore, we believe in the mission of iFundWomen which empowers women to start and grow their own businesses. With our collaboration with the mayor of the City of Boston, we believe that we can make this happen together to improve Boston's workforce. On a more personal level, we plan to expand our own business to other major locations - one city at a time.

We have worked very hard to get to this point and are so excited to share this project with you! We are currently fully focused on reaching our funding goal of $50,000 that will allow us to purchase a catering van to transport food more effectively to your team, increase our staff (because we believe that investing in people is at the core of any organization), and have an improved ordering system that will organize our orders and increase the efficiency of our operations team.

Our Rootasters love what we do and the impact we’ve had on our hometown over the past year. Thank you to our customers and community who have supported our mission and us. We appreciate you and your continued support of Rootastes.

Support us on our Crowdfunding Journey here.


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