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Savor the Season with Rootastes’ Winter Menu

Savor the Season with Rootastes’ Winter Menu

The snow has settled across the landscape and the temperatures have dipped into puffy coat-required territory.

While there’s something magical about winter, we understand it can be a struggle to trudge through the snow and the cold. That’s why we’re bringing last year’s popular French flair back to our menu!

Poulet de Provençe

Our proteins and sides are hearty, nutritious, and warningly delicious. The famous herbs de Provençe and zest of lemon are rubbed into our Poulet de Provençe, a honey slow-roasted chicken.

Beef Champignon

For a taste of French comfort food, order Beef Champignon. Our signature steak cut is rubbed in our season’s French herb and spices blend and roasted until tender, then finished with a traditional and delicate French red wine burgundy sauce.

Pear Pork Avignon

Bite into juicy pear in Pear Pork Avignon, which combines glazed Harrow Sweet pears with pan-roasted French herb pork chops in a warm pear pan sauce.

French Lemon Dill Herb

Care for a lighter option? Our French Lemon Dill Herb Roasted Salmon and Tofu Au Rouge, roasted with our signature red wine dressing, topped with shallots, and glazed with a balsamic reduction, will be your new faves. 

This season’s sauces include Burgundy Vinaigrette, Homemade French, Dill Lemon Aioli, Tangerine Champagne Vinaigrette, and Thai Sweet Chili.


Last winter’s hearty Ratatouille is back on our side menu along with the popular Queen B, So Far So Mush, and our Kale Slaw. 

Salad Française

Other new additions include Salad Française with roasted red potatoes and green beans in a bright lemon aioli and finished with crispy shallots. 

Campagne Salad

Our Campagne Salad tosses caramelized onions, mushrooms, and asparagus over a blend of arugula and spinach, and topped with a light truffle oil drizzle.

Lemon Blanc Parfait

End your taste tour of France with our Lemon Blanc Parfait or seasonal fruit salad. Winter may be long, but we’re serving delicious lunches all season to keep you warm and happy.


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