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Rootastes x Makomas

Rootastes x Makomas

The root of what we do is summarized with Eat. Real. Food. It’s our slogan and our way of life. From sourcing local ingredients from local farms to delivering them to our clients, we’ve created quite the list of partners. These are their stories.

Magbè Savané grew up traveling throughout her native Cote D’Ivoire, selling tea and juices made by her mother. After growing up, she realized that by sharing her family’s recipes, her African roots could be spread around the world, promoting health, wellbeing, and a greater purpose.

She founded Makomas here in Massachusetts, and their impact reaches way back to Magbè’s homeland. The company name is derived from letters of her own name, along with that of her husband’s and son’s.

Family affair.

Makomas teas are made from recipes passed down by generations of Magbè’s family. They blend exotic ingredients such as the superfruit baobab or the leaves of the Moringa tree with the bold flavors of ginger, pineapple, honey, beets, and more.

Magbè wanted to support her former community by sourcing many of these ingredients from women farmers in West Africa. The company recognizes the courage of these women, many of which support their families by growing the foods that are then transformed into tea.

Women who work.

The women who produce the ingredients for Makomas teas are located in Africa’s Burkina Faso. Along with sharing her family’s recipes for wellbeing with the world, Magbè also wanted to create a sustainable model of community development that would benefit the working women of her homeland, so she founded The Makomas Foundation.

Through the foundation, the company is committed to contributing to the stability, security, and financial freedom of these women and their families by sourcing the fruits, flowers, and leaves used in Makomas teas directly from them.

Rootastes x Makomas

Another main mission of Makomas teas is to promote wellness around the world. According to Magbè, “Our bottles are packaged with a passion and deliciousness bigger than our company: to celebrate health and wellbeing.”

Real food that supports women empowerment? We’re all in!


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