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Chef’s Sakura Spring Specials

Chef’s Sakura Spring Specials

The flavors of Japan are still blossoming in the Rootastes kitchen! Our spring chef’s specials deliver even more of the savory and fresh flavors we’ve come to love from our Sakura Spring menu.

Yakitori-Style Chicken

Add some sweet tang to your lunch bowl with Yakitori-Style Chicken, a Japanese delicacy! Our chefs marinate chicken in a shoyu base with mirin and rice wine, roast it, and then garnish with scallions and purple cabbage for a pop of crunch and color.

Tofu Daizu

Can’t get enough tofu? Tofu Daizu adds a honey sesame daizu base to our lusciously roasted meatless protein.

Bonsai Garden Salad

And our new Heart of the Roots side options take on the artistic styling of Japan with the Bonsai Garden Salad, a beautiful arrangement of cucumbers, onions, carrots, tomatoes, seaweed, and pickled ginger served with a carrot ginger vinaigrette.

Yaki Udon

Love slurping noodles? Yaki Udon blends stir fried Udon noodles with crunchy edamame in dashi broth, served with bonito flakes, julienned nori, and fresh scallions.

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