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3 Tips to Keep Your Team Healthy — Mentally & Physically

3 Tips to Keep Your Team Healthy — Mentally & Physically

Some people believe that workplace stress is just a part of life and that having a job means sucking it up for eight hours a day to make ends meet. However, that doesn’t have to be our reality. Now more than ever, employers should focus on ways to keep their team mentally and physically healthy.

Rootastes provides office lunch catering in Boston, serving healthy meals to companies because we believe good food creates a good mood. We’ve found a few tips to help businesses promote good mental and physical health in the workplace.

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Lack of communication can be harmful to your employees’ experience at work. People are bound to get confused when their employer doesn’t convey policy changes, memos, or news directly and transparently. Misinformation can spread among the team, and resentment starts to grow.

Communicating with your team regularly and giving them news and updates on company goings-on will bring them closer. Always be ready to provide positive feedback before criticizing someone’s work. Opening the channels of honesty and communication will make your team more comfortable coming to you when they have an issue or need something.

Boosting your connection with your team is one of many steps toward creating a work culture that makes people excited to be a part of the company. In a time when employers struggle to gain trust from their team, you can be the shining example that starts to make a difference.

Prioritizing Lunchtime

It’s not uncommon for hard workers to skip lunch to get something done when a deadline is encroaching. They might decide chips or candy can hold them over until dinner, choosing to stay at their desk and ignore what their body wants.

Eating healthy keeps your body in good shape and gives you mental energy for work. Without the nourishment you need, you’ll start feeling tired and grumpy.

Providing healthy food at work is one of the best things an employer can do for their team. You’ll be giving them a physical and mental boost, especially if you eat together and spend some quality time together. Socializing is another great benefit you get at lunchtime.

If you choose to cater, ensure that you pay attention to your team’s dietary needs. Provide options that work for everyone. If you’re looking for office lunch catering in Boston, contact our team at Rootastes to start prioritizing lunchtime for your company.

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Positive Environment

You don’t want your team to wake up dreading going into the office every morning. A hostile atmosphere at work can seriously affect a person’s mental and physical health. The time they spend at work will drain them, and they won’t be able to enjoy their personal time as much. There are ways for people to maintain their mental health at work, but an employer can help by creating a positive environment.

Work-life balance is vitally important to most people, so allowing flexible working hours can make your employees happy and boost productivity. Positive feedback, social breaks, and solid communication are just a few more things that are conducive to a positive workplace environment.

Rootastes knows how vital a healthy lunch can be during a long workday. It gives people something to look forward to and energizes them for the rest of their day. That’s why we provide nutrient-filled, customizable lunch cooked fresh right before we drop it off at the time you’ve chosen.

We started office lunch catering in Boston so that we can share our love of healthy food and serve busy people who need a refreshing meal to fuel their day.


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