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5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in a Free Lunch Program in Boston

5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in a Free Lunch Program in Boston

As a company manager, you may wonder whether a free lunch program can benefit your organization. Do lunches for workers justify the expense?

There’s a reason why leading companies offer food perks to their employees. Free lunch at the office can enhance employee satisfaction, boost productivity, and help you retain top talent. Learn how your company can profit from healthy lunch delivery in Boston.

Food at Work Improves Job Satisfaction

In many industries, companies face intense competition in attracting valuable workers. Meanwhile, high turnover rates ravage teams and sabotage productivity. To recruit and keep desirable employees, companies have turned to offering enticing packages and expensive perks, including food perks.

Company-provided lunches send a message of prosperity and create a supportive office culture. Signing up for a lunch delivery program is one of the simplest and most effective moves you can make to keep your workers happy. Even better, satisfied employees are likelier to recommend your company to other prospective workers.

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Lunch in the Office Boosts Productivity

When your workers go out for lunch, they may get stuck in traffic or waste time waiting for service. They may have to settle for a fast food joint if they don’t find a place that serves wholesome meals near the office. Employees who bring food from home may discover soggy sandwiches and a limp salad when they open their lunchbox at 12:30 p.m.

Workers who get a fresh, healthy meal delivered straight to the office enjoy simpler logistics. They don’t need to look for a restaurant, wait in line, or bolt down their meal because lunch hour is nearly over. Also, well-fed employees deliver better results at work.

Office Lunch Delivery Pays Off

Workers who eat in the office can easily fit their lunch break into a 30-minute slot. Workers who go out for lunch may require an extra half-hour for getting there and back. If you pay your employees by the hour, an in-office lunch program may finance itself.

Lunches at work may also benefit the company in indirect ways. For example, when staff members sit down to lunch together, the informal setting may stimulate the exchange of creative ideas and boost team cohesion.

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A Balanced Lunch Helps Keep Your Boston Employees Healthy

Every wise manager knows that healthier, happier workers are more efficient. Healthy food is a cornerstone of employee well-being and productivity.

An employee who munches on a candy bar to stave off hunger may soon experience a blood sugar crash with its typical symptoms of irritability and fatigue. Employees who enjoy healthy lunch delivery in Boston are calmer and more energized. Workers who eat well also have stronger immune systems, which means fewer sick days.

Lunch Delivery Shows Your Employees That You Care

We live in an age of rising food awareness. A diverse team often includes workers who follow a gluten-free or dairy-free nutrition plan, while other employees prioritize locally sourced and ethically grown food. Delivering a balanced lunch with consideration of your employees’ preferences shows them that you care.

Lunch at work in Boston gets even better with Rootastes’ lunch delivery experience. We offer a mouthwatering menu of varied lunches that accommodate all dietary restrictions. We use top-quality ingredients and fresh, locally sourced produce to assemble main dishes, sides, and salads your staff will love. 

Rootastes: Healthy Office Lunch Delivery in the Greater Boston Area

Would you like to keep your workers happy and build a positive company culture with one affordable employee perk? Consider office lunch delivery. At Rootastes, we prepare delectable dishes and offer healthy lunch delivery in Boston, with flavorful, nutrient-dense variety meals that cater to every taste and food preference.

Check out our ready-to-eat lunch packages, including a convenient monthly office lunch plan. Contact us today!


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