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3 Tips to Make Deathly Dull Meetings Engaging

3 Tips to Make Deathly Dull Meetings Engaging

They say meetings are a top killer of productivity. And anyone whose day is packed with them knows that between all of the meetings, there’s little time left to accomplish what was discussed.

To top it all off, many meetings are pointless or downright boring. In between scheduling meetings for only the essential conversations, here are three tips to make deathly dull meetings engaging.

Add pizazz to your presentations.

Prepare a visual presentation to enhance the points you are making. Media such as graphics, photos, and videos break up text and add interest.

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Schedule shorter meetings.

Long meetings lead to disinterest and boredom, which then causes meeting goers to seek distraction via their cell phones or plain old zoning out.

By cutting your meetings to 30 minutes, you’ll be forced to hit the main points more quickly and to stay on topic.

Incorporate lunch.

Offering a catered lunch will automatically put everyone in a good mood. And when your corporate lunch caterer is nutrition-based, your employees will be more productive throughout the afternoon.

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Meetings don’t have to be dull and unnecessary. Put a little extra thought in the planning process and your meetings will be productive- and maybe even enjoyable.

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