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5 Employee Benefits That Will Attract Skilled Millenials

5 Employee Benefits That Will Attract Skilled Millenials

Considering that millenials have now surpassed Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, attracting skilled millennial employees is more important than ever.

The best place to start? Employee benefits.

In fact, 89% of millenials prioritize benefits over pay raises, and 83% would change their job for better benefits.

Training and continued growth.

A Gallup poll revealed that >87% of millenials state that professional training and growth is important to them. Whether it’s through skill development, software training, or even a lunch and learn on how to maximize their retirement savings, millenials crave continuous improvement.

But don’t let that training lead to a dead end. 21% of millenials left their job in the last year to pursue another opportunity- three times that of workers from previous generations.

Flexible Schedules

This generation is all about work-life balance. Whether your office allows day shifting (such as 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) remote working options, or both, you’ll find that not only will your millennial employees be happy, they’ll be more productive.

In fact, Stanford University found that telecommuters completed 13.5% more calls than office workers, performed 10% more work overall, left their company half the rate of people who worked in the office, and reported feeling more fulfilled at work.

Talk about wins across the board!

A productive work environment.

Millennials thrive on flexible schedules, but when they’re in the office, they want it to promote ultimate productivity (link to 5 Elements Millenial Employees Crave in Office Design). And that includes having fun.

In fact, fun elements such as ping-pong tables in the workplace reduce burnout. Pair that with cozy nooks, air improving plants, and the latest technology and millennials will be at their most productive- and happiest!

Free and healthy lunch.

Who doesn’t love free food? Considered the “foodie generation,” millenials are all about it.

But not just any food will do. As health conscious as they are, millennials have a plethora of dietary needs and preferences (think allergies and vegan), which leads to their love of food customization options, such as lunch bowls.

You don’t have to pull a Google and build an on-site cafeteria, but stocking your break room with healthy snacks (link to 3 Reasons Why Your Office Snack Pantry is Killing Productivity and How to Fix It) and ordering from a corporate lunch caterer are a great start.

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Lifestyle boosting perks.

Flexible schedules and free lunch are only the start of lifestyle-boosting perks millenials are looking for. Access to onsite fitness centers or classes, student loan repayment, increased vacation time, and financial advisement are a few other benefits millenials love.

Looking for help to get started? Checkout 3 Reasons Why You Should Implement a Wellness Program (link), and Employers Explore Repaying Student Loan Debt.

Millenials are now the largest segment of the workforce. It’s important to meet their wants and needs to attract your top employees of tomorrow.

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