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5 Ways to Destress at Work

5 Ways to Destress at Work

At Rootastes, we're proud of the positive impact our office lunch catering in Boston has for so many corporate employees who feel stressed during their workday. In fact, stress costs more than you might think: American businesses lose around $300 billion each year from stress-related absenteeism, low productivity levels, and healthcare expenses.

Read on as we discuss five ways to reduce stress and boost productivity in the workplace.

Build a Comfortable Workspace

Physical comfort and office design have a definitive effect on workplace stress. A 2010 study established a link between poor working conditions and increased cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone.

Some solutions include adding pictures of friends and family to your desk or splurging on a fancy back pillow for your chair to boost your comfort levels. Add small décor items that make your workspace feel homier.


Eat Healthier Food at Work and Enjoy Lunchtime Again 

In today's high-pressure corporate workspace, far too many employees believe that food is merely fuel. The food you eat directly affects your workday, including cognitive performance and productivity.

One study found that people who ate more fruits and vegetables showed stronger cognitive performance and were ultimately more engaged, creative, and happier than those who didn't.

Fortunately, it's easier than ever to eat healthy in the workplace. At Rootastes, we provide office lunch catering in Boston, curating and delivering gourmet meals with fresh, healthy ingredients. We provide a variety of meals that are locally sourced and ready-to-eat.

Did you know our catered corporate lunch service actually increases profit and productivity? Employees who enjoy a break and a healthy meal are 150% more productive for the rest of their workday. Our seasonal menus offer a delicious variety of customizable and healthy food options that help encourage a good mood in the workplace.

Eat healthy foods and improve your job performance!

Build a Positive Company Culture and Form Friendships

Building a positive company culture and forming inter-office friendships can reduce employee stress levels. Social interaction at work increases wellbeing, productivity, and innovative thinking. Here's how you can create a positive working environment and encourage social interaction:

  •       Avoid smartphone use during breaks
  •       Spend lunchtime with others (i.e., company-wide office lunch catering)
  •       Avoid engaging in company gossip
  •       Celebrate birthdays, holidays, and employee accomplishments
  •       Try family-style dining instead of a break room


Learn and Practice Relaxation Techniques

Something as simple as deep breathing can combat rising stress levels. Here are some quick and effective relaxation techniques to relieve stress:

  •       Ear massage (Shen men)
  •       Breathing exercises
  •       Meditation (try downloading an app)
  •       Positive affirmations and visualization
  •       Progressive muscle tensing

Launch a Wellness Initiative

Launching a wellness initiative at the office can help reduce stress levels in the long term. In addition, these programs will even increase productivity, helping employees learn better habits and live healthier lifestyles.

Wellness programs can also increase job satisfaction, leading to happier, more engaged employees. To improve employee wellness, try encouraging exercise during breaks, educating staff on proper self-care and mental health, or implementing healthy office lunch catering.

Final Thoughts on Reducing Workplace Stress

Consider this: The average American spends about 13 years of their life at work. Therefore, reducing stress in the workplace can significantly impact employees' overall health and wellbeing.

Try implementing a wellness initiative by opting for healthy lunch catering or adding an exercise program. For example, Rootastes' office lunch catering in Boston gives offices a convenient way to enjoy healthier, more nutritious food at work, with a variety of ready-to-eat meals.

No matter which of these five tips you try, remember that a stress-free work environment is happier, healthier, and more productive. 


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