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5 Benefits of a Lunch and Learn Program

5 Benefits of a Lunch and Learn Program

Lunch and Learns are the newest star of the company culture scene. If you’re considering creating a Lunch and Learn program in your office or are on the fence of starting one, here are five benefits that will prove why Lunch and Learns are a worthy addition to your company.

Build leadership skills

Because Lunch and Learns cover a wide range of topics, there are unlimited opportunities for your employees to lead a session based around their skills. Putting them in charge of their Lunch and Learn will build their organizational, time management, communication, and leadership skills.


Decreased employee turnover

Adding a Lunch and Learn program contributes to a strong company culture. A strong company culture fosters a sense of purpose, boosts loyalty, and thus decreases employee turnover. Lunch and Learns are a way to show your employees that you’re dedicated to their success and wellbeing, and allows them to build deeper relationships with co-workers.

Improved morale

Not only are Lunch and Learns informative, their relaxed atmosphere and varied topics make them fun. A Psychology Today study found that a fun work environment is “extremely motivating to 90% of employees, and allows employees to view their work as more than just a job, but an engaging place to learn and grow.

More knowledgeable employees

Oftentimes employee training is specific to the job. Lunch and Learns, on the other hand, cover a wide array of topics. Depending on what your Lunch and Learns cover, employees are likely to develop knowledge and skills necessary to an employee outside of their department.

When we understand the basics of another job, we’re more likely to answer simple questions on our own (instead of taking up another employee’s time), are more likely to ask for help when needed, and understand the answer we’re given. Efficiency at its finest!

Encourages teamwork

How many of your employees go out for lunch or have a sad desk lunch all alone? Lunch is an ideal opportunity for employees to intermingle, and stronger relationships amongst co-workers leads to a stronger team.

Because Lunch and Learns are company wide, they’re an even greater opportunity to foster stronger interdepartmental relationships, and thus stronger teams.

Looking for bonus points? Offer your employees a healthy lunch to ensure they have a productive afternoon.

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