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3 Ways to Welcome New Co-Workers to Your Team

3 Ways to Welcome New Co-Workers to Your Team

The first day jitters are true for everyone starting a job, so there’s nothing like feeling welcomed by your new company to put you at ease.  Here are three ways engaging to welcome your new co-workers.

Invite them to a Lunch and Learn

Set the tone of your company culture by welcoming your new co-worker to a Lunch and Learn session. Less formal than employee training, Lunch and Learns are the opportunity for employees to learn new skills- whether professional or personal- over lunch. By learning with other employees, your newest team member will feel more engaged with the group.

Give them a worthy introduction

Instead of introducing your newest co-worker by name and title, reveal more of their personality and interests, whether through an email to the company or an in-person introduction. Then encourage your employees to introduce themselves to your new co-worker in the same way. Check out these conversation starters that are sure to get everyone talking.

Dress up their space

Place a welcome card on their desk signed and decorate your co-worker’s new space with balloons, flowers, ribbon- anything fun! To roll out the welcome carpet even further, give your new co-worker a gift certificate to a local coffee shop or eatery.

Starting a new job is always intimidating. Make the transition easier for your new co-worker by giving them a warm welcome to your team.

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