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3 Reasons Why You Should Eat with Your Employees

3 Reasons Why You Should Eat with Your Employees

With the majority of our waking hours spent at work, it makes sense to want to take your lunch break away from the people you work with.

And while we’re all for resetting, eating lunch with your employees is hugely beneficial, and can make your job easier in the future. Here’s why:

Builds a stronger team and leads to better teamwork.

People are more relaxed on their lunch breaks and are likely to be more open to building relationships with others. Eating together has been noted to develop a more intimate level of bonding, and a 2015 study of firefighters found that those who ate together performed better together than those who didn’t.

Not only that, a Cornell University study found that enjoying office lunch together makes teamwork more productive.

As the leader of many teams, your presence is important when building a strong one.

Creates connection and strengthens communication.

It makes sense that eating lunch together builds relationships across departments, thus leading to better communication and team support on the job. The same is also true when management eats with their employees.

Without the professional constraints and pressure of being on the clock, talking with employees is easier and you’re likely to get to know them on a more personal level, which not only helps you understand them better, it strengthens communication when you’re back on the job.

Helps you become a better boss.

When the teams you manage are strong, projects are running smoothly, and communication amongst you and your employees is flowing, you are able to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t. You’ll also understand your employees more deeply- both personally and professionally- allowing you to make better personnel-related decisions.

It’s amazing how something so simple as sharing a meal with your employees can make such an impact on building a strong team, increasing communication, and helping you become a better boss. Next time you’re thinking of eating alone or having a sad desk lunch, consider eating with your employees.

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