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Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of July 25)

Recommended Recipes for Farm Fresh Basket (Week of July 25)

Thank you for ordering a Rootastes Farm Fresh basket! We hope you’re enjoying your fresh, locally grown produce, meats, and other Boston-based goodies.

If you’re looking for inspiration or to mix up your go-to recipes, we’ll be sharing a few of our favorites every week that can be prepared using the ingredients in that week’s basket.

This week’s recipes will work with ingredients included in July 25, 2020’s baskets.

Rootastes’ Chefs’ Curated Recipes

This week is all about comfort food!

The Summertime Root Vegetables Casserole bakes summer squash, red potatoes, purple carrots, and onion with melty cheddar and crispy breadcrumbs. Who said casseroles were only good in the wintertime?

To spice things up, Poblano Chicken Popper with Summer Squash Medallions is oozing with cream cheese and topped with punchy red scallions and piquant Parmesan cheese. Yum!

Or savor a taste of French flair with Roasted French Radishes in a Brown Rosemary Citrus Butter, plated on a bed of mesclun. Doesn’t that sound divine?

Grab your cozy slippers and get comfortable!

Chef Favorites

Looking for a simple way to use up your summer squash? Slice and toss it in a pan with Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs in Baked Summer Squash. The recipe may be simple, but the end result is scrumptious!

For another easy veggie recipe, try Simple Roasted Radishes. Just toss the radishes in olive oil and parsley, and top with salt and pepper!

If you decide to give any of these recipes a try, let us know what you think. We’d also love to see how you’re getting crafty in the kitchen with your basket, so be sure to share your favorite recipes below.