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5 Spring Ingredients You Have To Add to Your Next Dish

5 Spring Ingredients You Have To Add to Your Next Dish

Creating a healthy meal doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. With these five spring fruits and veggies, you have a world of flavor at your fingertips. It may surprise you just how easy it is to make quick and healthy dinner recipes with this seasonal produce. Skip the grocery store and head to the farmer’s market instead for the freshest, ripest specimens, then get home and start cookin’!

These five fruits and veggies are perfect for adding to healthy dinners and for spring recipe ideas:

Your New Favorite Spring Vegetable: Asparagus

Asparagus as a spring vegetable is vastly underrated because most people have only had the skinny, stringy grocery store asparagus. That’s not “real” asparagus. The best spring asparagus is farm-to-table, thick, bright green, fresh, crunchy, sweet, and never stringy. This superfood meets all your dietary needs, as it’s chock full of antioxidants, folic acid, folate, and vitamins B, E, and K. It supports a healthy gut and may even help you lose weight.

How to Eat It: Chop and sauté asparagus in a skillet with minced garlic, slivered almonds, and bacon bits. Avoid boiling, which makes it mushy.

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Soft and Sweet Apricots

Apricots are a bright, joyful peachy-yellow and are a stone fruit, like a plum. They’re an excellent source of vitamin A, which supports healthy vision, and vitamin C, which is an immune system booster.

How to Eat It: Apricots are perfect raw or dried. You can also try Rootastes’ Seasonal dish, Honey Apricot Chicken—ready to serve through this spring at Boston Public Market. It’s a must-try and only one of the many tasty dishes on the gourmet caterer’s Seasonal Spring Menu.

Earthy and Delicious Turnips

Turnips are another tasty spring vegetable that may not be one of the most glamorous seasonal ingredients, but they’re undeniably delicious. Turnips are best when they’re small and have an earthy, savory taste. This super vegetable aids in your health and wellness and is full of fiber to boot. Try adding a spring turnip to your next healthy meal; you won’t regret it!

How to Eat It: Try your turnips skinned, boiled, and mashed with a couple of new potatoes and fresh garlic. Here’s an excellent turnip recipe for inspiration!

Crisp and Sweet Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are a delicious spring veggie rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, essential for boosting your immune system. These peas are crisp, bright green, and undeniably sweet. Plus, they’re low-calorie and full of vitamins.

How to Eat It: You can eat sugar snaps raw, pod and all. Or, you can sauté them in olive oil, salt, and pepper for a gluten-free delicacy. For extra flavor, add lemon juice.

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Seasonal Leafy Greens

The best seasonal spring greens include arugula, lettuce, microgreens, and kale. Not only are leafy greens nutrient-rich, but they’re also full of antioxidants and vitamins A and K. Plus, who doesn’t love a fresh, crunchy, and delicious green salad? Use these spring greens in your next recipe to add flavor and create a quick and healthy meal everyone will love.

How to Eat It: Leafy greens are best raw when they still have all their nutrients. Toss with balsamic dressing, cherry tomatoes, diced pecans, avocado chunks, fresh mozzarella, and blueberries for a tasty and healthy salad.

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Try These Five Spring Fruits and Veggies in Your Next Healthy Meal 

Is there anything more satisfying than a fresh, healthy plant-based meal? These five seasonal spring ingredients are the perfect fruits and veggies to add to your next dish. Don’t feel like cooking? Visit Boston Public Market and try Rootastes’ delicious Seasonal Menu or their catered office lunch service for a culinary experience like no other.



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