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5 Tips to Organize Your Daily Tasks

5 Tips to Organize Your Daily Tasks

The to-do list is a great system for remembering things, but also a culprit for stress and anxiety. To help you work happy and productively, we’re sharing five tips on how to organize your daily tasks for ultimate success.

Find a list method that works for you.

Have you ever forgotten to do something because you didn’t write it down or set a reminder on your phone? The first step to organizing your daily tasks is to find a to-do list method that works for you.

This article from Fast Company elaborates on nine different to-do list methods, so you’re sure to find one that resonates.

Accomplish your most pressing task first.

Not only does accomplishing your most pressing task first lead to less stress throughout the day, your lack of procrastination is likely to lead to a better job done.

Make lunch plans in advance.

Lunch hour has a way of creeping up on us. If we don’t plan for it, we’re likely to skip lunch, reach for an unhealthy option- or worse- have a sad desk lunch.

To ensure you and your employees have a healthy meal, schedule corporate lunch catering the day before. Some caterers even offer pre-orders up to a week ahead.

Lunch is essential to boost productivity and focus throughout the afternoon, but it doesn’t have to be a chore to plan a delicious meal that’s healthy too.

Limit emailing to a set schedule.

Constant notifications lead to anxiety, and checking email throughout the day is another distraction that inhibits concentration and quality work.

Limiting emailing to specific times allows you to focus on getting work done, making you more productive and less stressed.

If something will take less than two minutes, do it now.

Own your to-do list by accomplishing any task that will take less than two minutes immediately (well, after you complete your most important task first). The sense of accomplishment will fuel you to do more, and your to-do list won’t be overwhelming to look at.

Make your list, check it twice, and your work will be precise! And maybe even concise. ;)

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