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5 Ways to Order Office Lunch More Efficiently

5 Ways to Order Office Lunch More Efficiently

It’s well known that consuming a healthy lunch leads to higher productivity, but ordering said lunch can be such a chore. So we’re sharing five ways to order lunch for the whole office with greater efficiency!

Schedule your deliveries ahead of time.

Spend one day per week planning out your office lunch deliveries for the upcoming week, two weeks, or even the month. Along with saving time, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to place your order.

Find a corporate lunch caterer that has options for people with food allergies and sensitivities.

Between allergies and sensitivities, it can be easy to make some employees feel alienated when the pizza order comes around. Find a corporate lunch caterer who has options that will satisfy a plethora of dietary needs. You’re also more likely to end up with a healthier meal.

Opt for buffet style.

Buffet style allows your employees to choose exactly what they want without you having to keep track of a long list of orders. This saves you time when placing your order, and time sifting out who ordered what when lunch arrives. Buffet style also allows more options for those with specific dietary needs.

Create a favorites list.

Keep a notepad or word processing document with your favorite corporate lunch caterer’s contact information, order times, and your office’s favorite dishes handy so you can quickly pull it up and place your order.

Plan your set-up ahead of time.

It’s not all about placing the order, dishing it out can be a time suck too. Plan a designated location, such as a break room, where the food will be set up. Be sure the space is equipped with serving utensils, plates, and silverware.

A little prepping ahead of time can save a lot of time down the road. Happy lunch hour!

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