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How to Have a Productive Lunch Break

How to Have a Productive Lunch Break

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but lunch is by far more important for afternoon productivity.

Sadly, 39% of employees consume lunch at their desks, many times reaching for an unhealthy meal. While they may think this allows them to get more work done, sad desk lunches actually zap productivity.

But it’s not just about taking your lunch break, here are a few tips to ensure you have a productive one.

Set a plan for your absence

Do you stress about work on your lunch break? Alleviate these thoughts by creating a plan for when you’re not at your desk. Set an email auto responder and change your phone greeting to state that you have stepped away and will return by a certain time. Include emergency contact information as well as an alternative point of contact within your office.

This will help you relax and refrain from compulsively checking your email on your lunch break.

Eat a healthy lunch

The most productive thing you can do on your lunch break is to eat your lunch- but opt for a healthy one! Consuming a healthy lunch has been proven to increase productivity by up to 150%.


The Tork survey revealed that 90% of North American employees cited that their lunch breaks help them feel refreshed and ready to take on the afternoon.

More concrete evidence has proven that disconnecting from work by taking a break increases productivity, mental well being, creativity, and builds healthy habits.

Refraining from using your phone, eating mindfully, and taking a walk are excellent ways to disconnect on your lunch break.


But not on your phone. It can be easy to shut out the world on our lunch breaks by tuning into our screens, but actual face time allows you to connect with your co-workers, thus finding more meaning in your job and an increase in productivity.


Step away from your desk! Take a walk outside or fit in a quick workout. Movement and sunlight are the best ways to beat the afternoon slump- and power through it. As an added perk, seeing outdoor greenery is a proven mood booster.

So forget the days of sad desk lunches! Set an auto responder, grab your healthy lunch, and enjoy your 30+ minutes of midday bliss.

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