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Bloom into Spring With Rootastes’ Japanese Sakura Spring Menu

Bloom into Spring With Rootastes’ Japanese Sakura Spring Menu

Spring is the most appreciated season for New Englanders. After a frigid winter that seemed to last for ages, a slushy mud season, and a last minute snowfall, the sunshine of spring is a pure delight.

It’s no wonder that spring is the representation of rebirth, a time to refresh and revitalize our bodies, minds, and surroundings. The monochrome that is winter whites and grays are renewed with a burst of budding florals in the shades of green, pink, and yellow, the frozen rivers return to their cascading blue hues, and the smiles of strangers on the streets feel much brighter.

Bloom into the Spring with Rootastes

Here at Rootastes, our new spring menu is inspired by a locale that is just lovely this time of year. A place of light flavors as well as refreshing, and crisp ingredients that are sure to re-energize your day. Say “oishii!” to our new Japanese Sakura Spring Menu!

We couldn’t resist traveling back to Japan for our spring menu. This time of year Japanese walkways are immersed in the rich pinks of cherry blossoms, their fragrance dancing through the air.

Take a bite into your freshly prepared Rootastes lunch. Imagine being transported to a Japanese town where the cherry blossoms, “sakura,” are in full bloom. As you pass by a market, a rainbow of colors cascades before you, from the oranges of yuzu to the greens of baby bok choy, and the bold pinks of turnips. A cherry blossom floats by, and you catch it in your hand, its soft, delicate petals resting gracefully on your fingers.

Glancing around, you notice the vibrancy of the Japanese people, a culture that has long been revered for their longevity. Their diet of fresh fish, vegetables, and fermented foods is their secret to a long, full life and lean figures. In fact, the Japanese have the lowest rates of obesity and their diet leads to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Japanese food is prepared with fresh ingredients, is unprocessed, and uses very little sugar and animal products.

Taking inspiration from the Japenese, our Rootastes Sakura Spring menu is prepared using their ancient traditions and spunky flavors. Our Miso Hungry Chicken will refresh your senses with their zesty miso citrus glaze. For a savory lunch, try our Beef Gyudon, a Yoshinoya beef bowl and an all-time favorite! Its savory and juicy sliced beef is roasted with tender onions and tossed in a sweet and savory dashi broth, and then seasoned with soy sauce and mirin.  Ready to give tofu a try? The Japanese are pros at preparing this soy dish that will delight even the staunchest of meat eaters. Our Agedashi Tofu is crisp from oven roasting and served in a flavorful tsuyu sauce with grated radish, green onion, and crisp shallots.

Heart of the Roots

Our Heart of the Roots sides have taken on a Japanese spring vibe. The star of the season is Spring is in the Air, a salad of sautéed baby bok choy, shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, and finished with a ginger soy wafu dressing. Eat the colors of sakura with Bring on the Sunshine, a slaw of edamame, purple cabbage, baby radish, and Japanese pears, dressed in our Yuzu Miso Vinagrette over Endive leaves and lettuce.

Strawberry Fields Forever

And for a sweet ending, our Strawberry Fields Forever dessert is a creamy ginger coconut risotto served with strawberry rhubarb compote.

Rejuvenate your senses, mind, and body with the fresh flavors, light ingredients, and bright colors of Rootastes’ Japanese Sakura Spring menu!


Meet Rootasters:

Meg is a dreamer, entrepreneur, and homesteader based in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. She loves her cats, feasting, and road trips in her green VW Bug. 


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