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5 Benefits of a Corporate Lunch Program

5 Benefits of a Corporate Lunch Program

Corporate lunch catering is more than just the occasional celebration of a job well done. Offering your employees lunch everyday or a few days a week has positive impacts on your work culture and even your bottom line. Here’s how:

Increased productivity

Eating lunch is important. Eating a healthy lunch is even more so. When we eat a healthy lunch, we’re re-fueling our bodies with the nutrients we need to get us through the day.

In fact, employees who enjoy a healthy meal for lunch are 150% more productive and are 46% more focused throughout the afternoon. That pays for itself!

Better meetings

Scheduling a meeting over lunch leads to fantastic results. It first sets an incentive for attending the meeting and also forces the meeting to be succinct and dive right into the important points. This saves everyone time and frustration.

Lunch meetings also lead to more engaged participation. As 65% of employees conduct other work while on a conference call (and we know during a face-to-face meeting as well), providing lunch prevents them from being able to check their cell phones or work on a laptop.

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Collaboration amongst employees

Working relationships tend to be stronger when have personal connections with people. These connections can be challenging to find when we’re busy throughout the day, which is why corporate lunch catering is a good solution.

Employees are likely to sit together over lunch and talk about things beyond work. They’re also likely to build relationships with employees from different departments, strengthening collaboration amongst your team.

Decreased employee turnover

Job dissatisfaction is the number one reason for employee turnover in a company. Reduce yours by offering benefits employees actually want. In fact, more employees would prefer new or additional benefits over a pay raise.

Millenials in particular have a hankering for food, especially healthier options. As they’ve now surpassed Generation X as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, it’s beneficial to pay attention to their desires.

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Everyone’s happy

A free lunch is not only a great benefit for employees, hiring a corporate lunch caterer ensures that everyone will be happy. If you find one that caters to dietary needs, then everyone in your office can enjoy lunch.

The benefits outweigh the cost of corporate lunch catering, proving that free lunch exists- and pays!

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Apr 13, 2020 • Posted by David Norriss

I like how you said that corporate lunch catering is good way to help people grow personal connections at work which will in turn help employees perform better. I agree with this because whenever I eat with people I find it easier to strike up a conversation. I also feel more relaxed when I eat so I feel more like myself and not just some person at work. I think that when people can have a moment to relax at work they are then able to work harder the other half of their day.

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